About GenDx

Founded in 2005, GenDx has long-standing strategic alliances with renowned business partners, providing access to a large global customer base. GenDx is a privately owned, independent company with experienced management and a close-knit team of dedicated employees.

Starting with 4 employees and a software program written in DOS, much has changed over the last 10 years. Nowadays, the company has about 40 employees allowing GenDx to be able to support HLA typing laboratories with the newest technologies and optimized workflows for HLA typing. So, do we offer a unique approach for Sanger based strategies, and have we expanded this recently with new solutions employing Next Generation Sequencing approaches.

GenDx is built on four pillars

  • Company. GenDx is a science-based enterprise, specialising in molecular diagnostics for transplantation and personalised health care.
  • Business. We develop and market innovative, reliable molecular tests, laboratory services and education.
  • Customers. GenDx offers world-class support by stimulating customer feedback and putting great emphasis on education in our renowned HLA-SBT Training School.
  • Employees. GenDx people are team players, showing initiative and responsibility.

GenDx values

  • We are a leader in molecular diagnostics, combining scientific innovation with reliability.
  • We are a responsible company, understanding the needs of our customers and their patients.
  • Our customers come first, actively supporting them to better achieve their goals.
  • We value our employees, supporting their development and job satisfaction.
  • We are an independent organisation, with respect for our business partners.


GenDx believes that progress can be best achieved through partnerships, of with ultimo the patient may benefit the most. Since the onset of the company we are collaborating with numerous laboratories worldwide, several other suppliers and also various local distributors. We value partnerships as crucial, without letting go our independent position and having a strong focus on education and training of the end-users.

New initiatives

In 2013, GenDx founders have taken a new initiative and have started together with the American Doug Bost the company KimerDx BV. This initiative is focused on testing methods to follow the engraftment by accurate chimerism monitoring post-transplantation. With this first step outside the HLA typing field we believe we can now even better support laboratory and clinical workers active in the field of transplantation.

At GenDx we believe that our main task is to support customers, providing excellent products and service, but also to create a stimulating environment for all employees. The close knit management team aims to create a working atmosphere with has ample room for personal development, job satisfaction and we use direct and transparent way of communications. The absence of framed departments creates flexibility and the option to engage in projects that suit personal talents and ambitions.


First-class customer service, science-based innovation and high ethical standards are shared values that are more than words to GenDx. Our full dedication to quality guarantees excellent reliability and performance of GenDx products to customers and their patients. To substantiate this, GenDx has implemented the ISO 13485:2003 quality system and has received CE-IVD clearance for its complete line of HLA-typing products. On a worldwide scale, in and beyond the field of tissue typing, GenDx strives to make patients benefit from its unique, personal approach to diagnostics.


Looking ahead GenDx will continue to use its expertise and knowledge to develop and market innovative, certified diagnostic products that will provide crucial information for patient-tailored treatments in and beyond transplantation therapy. We believe that by giving end-users access to better tools and enhance their typing skills, patients and donors can be typed more accurate, allowing better patient-donor matching, enhancing thereby the success rate of transplantations.